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I discovered my love for the pageantry of Carnival at a very early age when my parents took us to see our first Panamanian Carnival Parade. What an explosion of colour, sound and movements to trigger a child's imagination. A fantasy world. Sparkling and colourful floats navigating among an ocean of dancers that bounced to the rhythms of hypnotizing drums.

I would go home and reproduce the parade using anything I could find useful. Not just toys; even a pile of encyclopedias could work as a base for a float. As I grew older and discovered the papier maché technique I started using it for my floats. I would also cut little dancers out of light cardboard, glue them to a toothpick and use clay to make them stand. I would spend weeks preparing these little parades that would move from room to room in my house.

As a child, my mother and aunties would make sure I always had the right costume to participate in the Carnival comparsas (Carnival groups).

In my early teens I started helping any float maker I could find, learning their techniques of floatmaking. I started putting them into practice in my own first Carnival and Church projects soon after.

I did my first paid float at the age of 22 for a local comparsa and since then I have looked for any opportunity I could find to keep this inspiration alive. Not just in Carnival, but other celebrations like Newcomers University parades and Palm Sunday Celebrations.

In Toronto and the USA I also participated at Columbus Day Celebrations. Since I have been in New Zealand I have made floats for Wellington Cuba Street Carnivals and the Christmas Parade.

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