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My interest in Animation began in my early teens with a cinematography correspondence course. Through this course I discovered the fantastic world of Animation and I made up my mind this was the path I was going to follow later on.

I made my first Super 8 film animation movies using clay puppets and drawings with a camera shipped as part of the course. Super 8 films were not develop in Panama so you had to send your films to the Unites States for developing. Shortly after, films were replaced by video.

I enrolled at the Social Communication School at University, the closest to a film career I could find in Panama back then. I did several animation and film projects while I was there. The biggest of them was my graduation thesis: A TV commercial about children being sent to bed and brushing their teeth beforehand. In those days there were always TV commercials to send kids to bed at night. I tried to sell my project to a toothpaste company. The deal didn’t go through. Instead I was chosen to design and build their float and costumes for 1987 Carnival, due to my experience and passion in that field.

I teamed up with a friend of mine, also a fanatic of Animation and did some animation commercials in 1986 and 1987. My dream was to follow a career in Animation and this became reality when I enrolled and graduated in 1994 from the three-year program of Classical Animation at Sheridan College, Toronto, Canada.

My first experience in Animation in Canada was as a cel painter at Animation House, a studio specialising in Animated TV Commercial back in 1991. Those were the days when animation cel painting was being replaced by computer painted drawings. Later on I became an assistant animator until the day I received a phone call that would change my life in 1995.

I was offered a job as an animator in New Zealand to work on the Hairy Mclary series, a popular children character book that was going to be animated. I worked in animation for a few years in Wellington. Shortly after I started getting involved in teaching Salsa dancing and doing children illustrations.

Another chapter in my life opened when I became involved with Cuba Street Carnival. It is very exciting how all of my passions seen to come closer together and feed from each other. Looking forward to see what’s next around the corner.

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