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Genealogy is one of my biggest passions and goes back to my primary school days when I made my first family tree assignment.

Years later I came across a detailed family tree my father had researched from an auntie. It seems my father shared some of this interest in genealogy with me. My auntie was Julia Carles Vega (1876-1963), daughter of Esteban Carles Dalmau. Tía Julia belonged to the first Carles generation born in Panama and was a character inside the family.

I started gathering information from different members of the family. A big source of information was my uncle Gaspar Rosas Quirós (1918-2000), historian and poet. Another source was books, especially those by Omar Jaén Suarez like “Llanos del Chiru”. They gave me a framework to start this big puzzle.

But the big leap in my family tree research came when I discovered the Latter Day Saint Family History collection, the biggest in the world in this field, back in 1994. Since then I have been reading regularly Church records from Panama and Spain, especially from the area of Coclé, that reached as far as the 1700’s.

It is a fascinating activity. It never ends. Family names interlock with each other like an enormous jigsaw puzzle. And I love jigsaw puzzles, can’t get enough of them.

My main purpose with this research is to find missing links and establish family connections that have been lost. It is a delicate matter that has to be deal with tact so you don’t push soft spots in family relationships.

But I love building this puzzle and I hope I can share and bring more families closer together with it.

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